The Quiet American

The Quiet American

von Phillip Noyce

  • Genre: Drama
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2003-07-29
  • FSK / Altersempfehlung: R
  • Spieldauer: 1h 41min
  • Regie: Phillip Noyce
  • Studio / Produktion: Miramax
  • Produktionsland: United States of America
  • iTunes Preis: USD 5.99
  • iTunes Leihgebühr: USD 3.99
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The acclaimed performances of two-time Academy Award winner Michael Caine (Best Supporting Actor: THE CIDER HOUSE RULES; 1999 HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, 1986) and Brendan Fraser (THE MUMMY, GODS AND MONSTERS) power a stylish political thriller where love and war collide in Southeast Asia! Set in early 1950s Vietnam - a young American (Fraser) becomes entangled in a dangerous love triangle when he falls for the beautiful mistress of a British journalist (Caine). As a war is waged around them, these three only sink deeper into a world of drugs, passion and betrayal where nothing is as it seems! Based on the classic novel by Graham Greene - you'll find yourself riveted by the fascinating intricacies and ever-developing intrigue of this outstanding motion picture!

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